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From our founder: The Art of Audience Crafting (I)

September 28th, 2016 Posted by Advertising, Blog, Development, Marketing, Social Media 3 comments


Audience crafting for social media advertising, and particularly for Facebook is a combination of skill, art, magic and a touch of chaos.  Conventional wisdom tells us that we should ask ourselves a set of basic questions. We definitely should, but (make that all caps in your head) we need to go beyond those and understand that when it comes to the outcome of this process, we are not completely in control. Some elements of it are beyond our control and squarely within that of the platform.


To Target or Not to Target

September 23rd, 2016 Posted by Advertising, Blog, Marketing, Social Media 1 comment


The news swept the internet like small tornado:  Proctor & Gamble was cutting back its targeted Facebook advertising.  How dare they?  I am sure that some Facebook team members were deeply offended by the brand’s apparent lack of respect for the hundreds of thousands of hours they spent developing these tools for advertisers.  I am sure that some advertisers were shocked and amazed at the move.  I am also sure that many others in both fields understood the move as simple common sense.