Client : 1 Million Cups

Kansas City, MO

We collaborated with 1 Million Cups for their launch in Puerto Rico through the translation and localization of the following materials:

-The 1MC Playbook

– The Blogger Engagement Manual

– The 1MC Presenter

Plus, the entire content of the 1 Million Cups Puerto Rico microsite, including the backend dashboard.

 One of our team members and confounder, Ernesto A. Suarez, provided the main push behind this launch.  He learned that there had been a request to extend the program to Puerto Rico, and he offered his services to the 1 Million Cups organizers at the Kauffman Foundation. He believed it to be an excellent idea and one that would not only extend the impact of the Foundation beyond its usual boundaries, but that would also positively impact the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the island.  The programs serves also as a pilot for future launches in other Latin American countries.

We coordinated all the details of the launch, through all available channels, with the organizers in San Juan. We took part in all conference calls and meetings, and acted as intermediaries and facilitators for the project.

We were present at the launch, and promoted it on Puerto Rican media before, during and after the first event.

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