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May, this month

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Did you know that in most Western languages, the name of the current month derives from the Latin “Maius (Majus) mensis” or “the month of Maia (Maja)”?  Maia or Maja was the wife of the Roman god Vulcan (Hefesto (Ἥφαιστος) to the Greeks) and a (perhaps minor) goddess of Earth.  She may not have been considered a very auspicious deity, however, and may not have been (as contemporary Neo-Pagans tend to believe of all ancient goddesses) a fertility agent.  In fact, Ovid calls her month “evil,” and strongly advises that May marriages are “unlucky.”

Sundays have as many names as there are different languages

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It has been a while since we posted something about the etymology of the names we use to designate the days of the week in the multitude of languages that form our family of languages. Therefore, we will tell you how Sunday got its name.